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Lean Six Sigma Curriculum for Green Bay High School Students

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Lean Six Sigma High School-Lean Six Sigma Curriculum Green Bay

Many people would not consider Six Sigma an opportunity for high school students to add value to their curriculums since they don’t realize how this methodology can help them in college, work, and other areas. Working with professionals such as us at Lean Six Sigma Curriculum for Green Bay High School Students of Wisconsin gives students the opportunity to be more organized and disciplined and learn valuable skills that will help them choose from many possible career paths.

It is important to have a solid understanding of LSS and how it can help them grow professionally and personally. 

This knowledge can be used to help students get their credits for graduation, depending on which level (or better known as “belt” in LSS) they choose.

Lean 6 Sigma isn’t very popular among high school students yet, but it is a common practice for professionals and companies. Because people see the benefits in manufacturing and processes in a company or business, more individuals in their work phase decide to get trained in it. However, have you thought about what a student can do with the same knowledge?

People tend to be more concerned with the improvement of business processes than how it will benefit someone’s future. Think of it this way: When learning 6 Sigma, the person getting trained is the one who will learn and improve all their skills; why not consider it a benefit to students?

If in doubt, students should be able to reap the benefits of Lean 6 Sigma investments because they will learn how to manage their time and develop problem-solving abilities along with collaborative decision-making. All of this while you learn everything about the LSS methodology.

Why Should High School Students Get Trained In LSS?

We can offer training to schools or students individually based on the green and yellow belts. Once they have completed any training, we get them certified and make sure they can use LSS to their advantage.

To help students understand the process and not make it more complicated, we have developed a program and service. It will also address the potential lack of experience students may have compared with regular training. It is worth the effort and time required to obtain it. 

Lean Six Sigma History-Lean Six Sigma Curriculum Green Bay

Now, if you need to see how it benefits you as a student or those under your wings, the list below will go over the most common ones:

  • Explore more career opportunities.
  • There are many opportunities for employment in every industry and field.
  • Earn credits toward graduation and college applications.
  • For any job, a higher salary is required.
  • Learn valuable skills that can be used with LSS and other methods.
  • Learn how to organize and work in a team.
  • Learn how to work well under pressure.

What Will High School Students Learn with Lean Six Sigma?

It will often depend on which belt they choose and what curriculums the high schools that are allied with us want to include. Each belt comes with different information about Six Sigma.

A yellow belt covers the essential topics, while a green belt covers the more complex topics and tools. There are also black belts that are more advanced, but we do not recommend you choose one over another and, instead, follow the regular standards.

A green belt is required for the black one, along with 2+ years of experience in Sigma, while a yellow one is a prerequisite for the green belt.

It is important to consider the primary purpose of students as well as their relationship with LSS.

They will be able to improve their skills and grow through the yellow belt course. This will prepare them for the future as well as social interactions or relationships beyond LSS.

Green belts can be useful in team-based situations and help them learn how they can use Sigma in any situation.

Lean Six Sigma Curriculum Pros of Green Bay has made sure that this course is flexible enough to allow for online and in-person learning.

This will help high school students manage their time and plan and not try to squeeze it all into the few hours they have each week. Is there a difference between in-person and online training? Not really, but rather it is a matter of preference.

Can Students Become Certified in Lean Six Sigma Certification?

Right after they complete training and decide to take our exam and pass it, they will get their certifications.

This is to ensure that they understand and comply with the requirements as well as work towards obtaining their certificates fair and square. 

No matter where you live or what school your go-to, our trainers and experts can be reached anywhere in the state. With our Lean Six Sigma High school services, everyone can help their students have a better future, and you can get certified in no time.

We do not only work with high school students but parents and students who have read about the LSS service may contact us to request it. We serve everyone who is at least 18 and needs to learn this new method.