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Lean Six Sigma Curriculum for Green Bay High School Students of Wisconsin, one of the most respected companies in the state, will help you inculcate LSS at your school, college, or business. We don’t limit our work to groups, which is why we will accept any individual who is interested in learning. We are open to all who are interested in how they can use LSS and get the most out of the methodology that has moved the manufacturing industry in the USA since the 80s and made it a leading one in global charts but mostly, how Six Sigma can be implemented in other industries as well and boost the trainees and practitioner’s goals and opportunities.

Our team can help you obtain the certifications and training needed to allow students and business professionals to grow and open up new opportunities for their careers. This includes any industry, as well as boosting their or your graduation credits and applying to universities.

High school students can benefit from our highly-qualified and experienced staff who can help them improve their decision-making and confidence. This means that anyone relying on us will be able to develop confidence and leadership, as well as enhance their curriculums. Companies and institutions care about the value of this method because it brings improvement and growth, so we’re confident you will gain more than just an opportunity for a job position in an industry only.

We are able to provide evidence and documentation regarding past jobs, as well as how our Lean Six Sigma programs have helped dozens of individuals, companies, schools, and institutions over the past decade.

Our goal is to help students and workers understand the LSS method and gain new skills. They must also be able to manage a team and work with minimal problems.

Six Sigma Training & Certification

We are a professional and reliable company that established the main training and certifications required for all students and professionals: Yellow Belt Training and Green Belt Training.

After completing the program and passing an exam, we issue certificates to students/professionals. These certificates will prove that the practitioner is ready to participate in large-scale 6 Sigma projects and also show how prepared they are to implement it when the time comes and regardless of the industry and company.

Training can take anywhere from 7 to 15 working days. Students can arrange their schedules to fit their needs and ensure they have time for all of their activities. Business professionals have the same options since we can help set up training opportunities for groups of students, professionals, and high schools at the right and most convenient time.

Besides LSS, we also have programs that encourage innovation and leadership. We believe leadership is important at every stage of your life, so you are able to lead your own team or help companies and businesses go in the right direction.

Call us today to talk to our experts and receive answers to all your questions. We can help your employees and students understand the learning process, and we will issue certificates as soon as the person passes the exam once completing LSS training, or you can request any of our other services, such as Innovation Consulting and Leadership Excellence.